Friday, 31 January 2014

House Point and Charity Update

Just to keep you updated about how the house points and charity totals are looking. Stevenson: 13,196 Newton: 13,146 DARWIN: 12,445 Telford: 12,179 Brunel: 10, 746 Top house point earners are: Year 7 – Harry Whittaker - 275 Year 8 – George Taylor - 177 Year 9 – Tanto Olaofe – 207 Year 10 – Oloke Olumayowa- 123 Year 11 – Nathan Miller - 88 Year 12 – Dan Cooke- 162 Year 13 – Dan Ahamefula- 51 The charity total currently stands at £402.52 which is excellent considering this is mostly from weekly collections. have the chance to win £10 if you can guess the time to the nearest 2 minutes for which I do the Gladi8or obstacle course in. It costs 50p a guess and you can find me in MA2. Competitions to happen in the next few weeks include yr 10 and 11 dodgeball and a Flappy Bird Competition!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Happy new year to all Darwinians! I hope you had a good break and you should all be settled back into school. Due to your generous donations in the run up to Christmas the total for Marie Curie currently stands at around £350. I know this can at least be doubled in the next 4 terms so keep coming up with charity fundraising ideas. Keep giving generously! We have all done a great job to move from 3rd place to 2nd in the positive house point total. The points total currently stands at... Stevenson: 14,727 DARWIN: 14,634 Newton: 14,542 Telford: 13,948 Brunel: 13,474 Please keep going with this as I know this positive trend can continue! The top house point earners in each year are as follows... Year 7 – Harry Whittaker - 251 Year 8 – George Taylor - 163 Year 9 – Tanto Olaofe – 189 Year 10 – Femi Okegbola - 114 Year 11 – Nathan Miller - 81 Year 12 – Dan Cooke- 156 Year 13 – Dan Ahamefula- 51 Please continue to look at the house notice board and blog for latest updates on house competitions and charity events.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Latest Totals Week Ending 15/11/13

Highest House Point Earners Year 7 – Joshua Rydell- 99 Year 8 – Joe Lambourne and George Taylor - 89 Year 9 – Tom Clark - 125 Year 10 – Olumayowa Oloke- 72 Year 11 – Nathan Miller - 71 Year 12 – Dan Cooke- 115 Year 13 – Dan Ahamefula- 42 Total House and C Points across the houses Newton: 7512 Stevenson: 7290 DARWIN: 6968 Telford: 6715 Brunel: 6404 Total Charity Money £164.40 Keep working and donating!! :)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Latest Totals

Highest House Point Earners Year 7 – Harry Whittaker- 83 Year 8 – Joe Lambourne - 85 Year 9 – Tom Clark - 117 Year 10 – Femi Okegbola - 65 Year 11 – Nathan Miller - 63 Year 12 – Dan Cooke- 100 Year 13 – Dan Ahamefula- 39 Total House and C Points across the houses Newton: 6731 Stevenson: 6612 DARWIN: 6157 Telford: 6049 Brunel: 5841 Total Charity Money £151.23 Keep working and donating!! :)

Monday, 14 October 2013

Charity Update

Thank you to all the charity captains that spoke on behalf of their form about their chosen charity. The overall winner was Marie Curie as chosen by year 10s. Well done Femi! Our current charity total is £100.74. Year 7 have raised the most so far with £18.53. Keep digging deep every week and if you have any fundraising ideas, please speak to me. Miss Lacey

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Introduction to the Year 13 House Team My name is Dan Ahamefula and I am your house captain. I study Economics, English Literature and Business Studies. I have been a member of the Darwin house since year 7 for which I've had the privilege to particpate in a number of house activities. The family-orientated environment which the Darwin house is especially known for, has been a driving tool for myself over the past 7 years. Being able to give back to Darwin as a house captain is most definitely the best way I can show my appreication for support the house has given me. My contribution to Darwin over the past years has enhanced my skills as a team player and a leader, and it's with these skills I wish to captain the Darwin house. Hi, my name is Fatmata Lee and I'm the year 13 charity captain for Darwin house. I currently study Chemistry, Pyschology and Sociology. The reason I wanted to become charity captain is because I want to contribute to the school community. I look forward to working with you. Hi guys, my name is Rob Foreman and I am the year 13 sports captain for Darwin. I study German, Geography and Economics for A-Level. I wanted to be sports captain because I am a very keen sportsman and I want to contribute to the school more.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Welcome Darwin to a brand new year! So far, so good.... We are currently first place in the number of house points but Telford and Newton are very close! We do however need to ensure that we do not get C points as they are bringing our total points down. I hope you enjoyed the first assembly on "My Word is my Bond" and understand the implications of following through with your actions. Make sure that if you sign up for a house event that you do it or organise somebody else to. You don't have to be good at the event to take part, just getting involved and trying your best is enough. On that theme, the first round of house football begins on Saturday 28th September with year 7s, followed closely by year 7 rugby on Saturday 12th October. I am sure that the year 7s will do Darwin proud and I look forward to watching a few victories :). Year 12 and 13 will follow on shortly after and dates will be confirmed. Please remember the promises that I made to you: 1) I will buy a tub of chocolates for the form that gets the most house points by Christmas 2) I will buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the form that collects the most charity money by the end of the year. 3) I will show you my very short appearance on Wipeout if Darwin are the overall house winners at the end of the year. Although a house charity has not been selected yet please remember to donate any spare money when the collection comes round as it will give us a great start. Keep checking the house blog for updates :)